AcneUP® Gel

AcneUP® is an innovative brand of medical cosmetics, created for the comprehensive care of compromised skin suffering from acne. The unique combination of ingredients suppresses and soothes the visible manifestations of acne (blackheads, red pimples, inflamed pustules) in the long term, has a synergistic effect on both inflammatory and non-inflammatory forms of acne, and is also suitable for the prevention of their formation or development. For daily use.

AcneuUP® Gel brings a whole new perspective to acne management.

By combining proven anti-acne ingredients (azelaic acid & niacinamide) together with herbal extracts from Burdock & Violet, plus an accentuated healing components (panthenol+betaglucan), it offers patients simplified care in an all-in-one product.

Moreover, depending on the severity of the manifestations, it can thus be used completely alone or synergistically, as a complement to dermatological treatment.

The gentle gel is suitable for both inflammatory and non-inflammatory manifestations and can be applied focally or spread over the entire affected skin area.

The individual ingredients in AcneUP® have been tested in various trials for efficacy and safety, and the product is registered in the EU as a cosmetic under CPNP No: 4024906


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