Uxitol13® Kerato


Uxitol13® Kerato is a medicinal cosmetic product with unique formula dedicated to relieve discomfort of dry and rough skin anywhere on the body.

Uxitol13 can be applied specifically to skin with keratoses (eg keratosis pilaris) and to dry, rough or pigmented elbows and knees. Containing 13% urea, ceramides, oat oil and an honestly rich blend of soothing, emollient and hydrating ingredients, Uxitol13 offers a truly exceptional help for anyone who wants to have their skin smooth as velvet again.

Pharmaceutical technology has allowed us to create a body lotion with an emulsion texture that is most suitable for application to any skin type. The emulsion is pleasantly applied to the skin, is quickly absorbed, is not greasy and leaves a really wonderful delicate scent.

Uxitol13® acts very fast – thanks to its ritch and inovative formula, the visible improvement can be observed within few days from the first application

Uxitol13® Silkhand is suitable for people of all ages and genders, as well as for children older than 3 years.

The individual ingredients in Uxitol® have been tested in various trials for efficacy and safety, and the product is registered in the EU as a cosmetic under CPNP No: 3725628




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