Become a distributor

Partners: Who we are looking for:

For distribution of Zitenax® line in foreign markets we look for:

Partners with own sales-force and marketing service, with experience of work in pharmacies and pharmaceutical environment.

Partners who can provide us with comprehensive services in the area of sales, marketing and logistics in their home markets.

Our priority is long-term, stable and active cooperation with our partners.


Who are you? 

You provide services in the following areas:

Launching new products on the market

Providing market research and sales strategy creation

Preparing and implementing marketing plans

Sales and marketing activities for continuous product support in the market

Logistics and storing goods (ideally in your own distribution warehouse)

Distribution to pharmacies via all important wholesalers and/or own distribution to pharmacies

A small enterprise with quick decisions, speedy reactions and effective execution.

You have feeling for the market! You work with brain and heart, emotions and passion belong to your sales and marketing initiatives.

Considering yourselves small? Together we will grow up!


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